3 Small Business Ideas for 2019


2018 has been an exciting year to say it lightly. Many things have happened around the world, and the younger generation is starting to let their voices be heard not only socially but also economically as well. More people are eco-friendly, and supporting independent companies now. Therefore, more small business opportunities are popping up. Keeping that in mind, here are some interesting business ideas for the year 2019.

  1. Social Media Services

This is one of those cheap businesses to get into. Social media is a new but rapidly growing sector that businesses are getting into. Television used to have only ratings, now there is also the social media score. In those vain businesses, smaller ones are looking to utilize this new platform to make their companies known.

We say this is relatively cheap as you can utilize SEO tips and tricks on the internet. Use them to grow your page, and that can serve as your certification. The idea is no number of certificates can negate the number of likes and engagement an individual can raise for a page, channel, or website.

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There is a demand for these as well. An example are big name brands approaching influencers to talk about their products. Even on a small scale, this happens as we can see smaller companies sponsor popular pages, podcasts and more. Particularly, Instagram is becoming the go-to platform for campaigns targeted at the youth.

  1. Smartphone and Gadget Repair Services

Do you have an iPhone? Have you ever had to bring it to the Apple Store to get it fixed? Were you saddened by just how much it costs to fix your phone? Well, you can be the solution for that. If you have the knowledge or know people with the know-how to fix smartphones and other gadgets like laptops and tablets; then this is a route for you.

Fixing gadgets can cost hundreds upon hundreds when going to the official stores. Nevertheless, there are small businesses who offer the same fix at lower prices. These not only save people money but also prolong the use of their phones. If you know, this is one of those easy ways to make money. 

  1. The Food Truck Still Rides

It may be a few years since the trend began. However, food trucks are still popping. It takes a bit of an investment, but it’s still very viable. The projections see it as having a 3.7% growth in the next five years. Couple that with the small 10% – 20% fail rate and you have yourself an excellent opportunity. Also, this ties in well with the growing trend of healthier food choices and a gluten-free market.

There are just a few of the cool business ideas you can try in the New Year.But before you start with any business, you need a plan. If things are a bit too complicated for you, you can try talking with a consultant. You can also get a business in a box; it’s like a starter kit to help you set up a business. You can also look at our archive of articles and see page after page of helpful business tips and ideas.

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